Bark at the Park 2016

We were approached by the folks from ChemDry to help with their campaign at the Bark at the Park 2016. We decided to create an animated gif roving photobooth to capture owners with their pets on Day 1 and then a roving photobooth on Day 2. Take a look at what we came out with and as always it's the hit of social media for the day.

Overall it was a successful campaign with 33,168 total impressions and reached 9,066 just for a couple of hours with one unit for 2 days. ChemDry now has a good source of captured data of dog owners that they can use continually for their email ad campaigns.

Day 1 - Animated Gif Roving Photo Booth
Results Impressions 19,006
People Reached 5,229

Day 2 - Roving Photo Booth
Results 14,162 impressions
People Reached 3,837