Jasmine's Quinceanera

An amazing quince set at one of the best venues here in the Antelope Valley. Together with family and guests its a celebration to commemorate Jasmine’s coming of age. Her mom put together the best vendors in the Antelope Valley. The result you can see from the photos from the event.

We took the inspiration for the strip using the design from her invitation to create a unique keepsake for her guests. We paired this with an elegant gold backdrop and the results were amazing as always.

Event Photos Courtesy of Pogitong Photographer

Sarah and Sean

What an amazing time we had preparing for this beautiful wedding at one of the best outdoor venues in Los Angeles. Their wedding was themed around St. Patrick's Day or the "Luck of the Flannery" which added a unique theme to the event. 

Event photos courtesy of Katie Shuler Photography

Sean's Bar Mitzvah

We celebrated this black and white themed event with a green screen with dual layouts allowing us to create both portrait and animated gifs. We then projected these images live to a projector by the dance floor.

Bark at the Park 2016

We were approached by the folks from ChemDry to help with their campaign at the Bark at the Park 2016. We decided to create an animated gif roving photobooth to capture owners with their pets on Day 1 and then a roving photobooth on Day 2. Take a look at what we came out with and as always it's the hit of social media for the day.

Overall it was a successful campaign with 33,168 total impressions and reached 9,066 just for a couple of hours with one unit for 2 days. ChemDry now has a good source of captured data of dog owners that they can use continually for their email ad campaigns.

Day 1 - Animated Gif Roving Photo Booth
Results Impressions 19,006
People Reached 5,229

Day 2 - Roving Photo Booth
Results 14,162 impressions
People Reached 3,837

Alecxis 18th Birthday Party

Having worked hundreds of events and seeing what others have done. The hardest event is always your own. My wife spent the last couple of months planning, coordinating, and getting everything ready for our dearest daughter's 18th birthday. We had approximately 175 guests. Her theme is black and white and so we opted to also match the theme with two booths that are both black and white. Gray background was used on one booth and Green Screen on the other.



World's Largest After Party

We did it again this year. Working with the folks from Propel was quite an experience creating their vision from custom props to our "Red Carpet Experience". We ended up with an amazing night full of fun, laughter, and great memories for about 2,500 attendees at the World's Largest Fitness Convention's after Party. 

Shahryar's Birthday Party

We were challenged to create a unique magazine cover for this birthday celebration. Since the client was into fishing, we created a unique layout for his event. We utilized his collection of antique fishing poles for props.

Carissa's 18th Birthday and Grad Party

Another destination event for us this year. This time we got to go to the Bay Area. We celebrated with Carissa and about 150 of their closest friends and relatives. Our client wanted our gray backdrop photo booth and social media capability.

Sarah's Bat Mitzvah

"A Beach Affair"

We had an amazing opportunity to work at this amazing location. Our client wanted our white backdrop photo booth, social media capability, and a live slideshow. The results you can see for yourself.

When green screen doesn't look like a green screen

This is really what we're known for. Making green screen seem like it's not fake even though it is what it is. Once our clients and guests experience what we can do, they automatically see the amazing possibilities. People sometimes get hung up by the look of a green or not so elegant backdrop. But in reality, your guests will not care at all. We know. We have done hundreds of green screen events in the last couple of years. Big and small. What really matters is creating an immersing experience that is truly "one of a kind". No more boring backdrops but something that fits the overall theme of your event. 

Ally's Bat Mitzvah

An LA themed Bat Mitzvah with approximately 500 guests. We came out with a creative design to achieve their target theme. Worked with their AV team to allow us to project a live slideshow at the event. 

Our Event Setup:
Dual Green Screen Photo Booth
Live Slideshow
Social Media Station

Vinny's Bar Mitzvah

An amazing comic book themed Mitzvah like no other.

Our Event Setup:
Green Screen Photo Booth
Social Media Station

Zach's Soccer Themed Mitzvah

Big soccer fan themed Mitzvah celebration.

IMG_0237 (1).jpg

Our Event Setup:
Green Screen Photo Booth
Social Media Station

Destination Wedding - Janis and David

It's not everyday you get an opportunity to go out of state for a wedding. We packed our bags and headed for the famous Omni Hotels and Resorts in Scottsdale, AZ. Named "One of the most romantic wedding venues in the World" by the Knot and "The most romantic venue ever" by Brides Magazine.  

Our Event Setup:
Green Screen Photo Booth

Laila's Quince

We celebrated Halloween together with Laila's family and friends down the rabbit hole. What an awesome night of celebration with guests dressed up for the occasion. As always we are the hit of the night, providing a remote live slide show inside while we take photos of their guests outside.

Our Event Setup:
Green Screen Photo Booth
Live Projection Slide Show

Ideaworld 2015

Ideaworld is the largest fitness convention in the world. Boasting 13,500 attendees yearly from around the globe. We were privileged to be a part of this year's after party. 

Our Event Setup:
Dual Green Screen Photo Booths
Social Media Station
Dual Projection Slideshows

AVHS 84-89 Class Reunion

About 350 alumni, friends, and family came from around the country to celebrate, reminisce and re-connect with each other once again. 

Our Event Setup:
Green Screen Photo Booth
Social Media Station
Projection Slideshow

Vienna's Sweet 16

A "rockabilly" themed night with 200 of her closest family and friends. 

Our Event Setup:
Green Screen Photo Booth
Social Media Station
Scrapbook Station